Designers for Humanity

Designers for Humanity – droppin’ science like Da Vinci

Designers for Humanity (d4h) is a model for delivering ethereum investment philippines out-of-school science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) experiences through a service-learning project aimed at designing solutions for a specific community problem.

Inspired by the approach of Renaissance genius Leonardo, d4h emphasizes art, engineering, and life science. The middle school and high school-age participants harness the strengths of each of these disciplines digital cash traders to fuel their design solutions. In the process, d4h team members learn to exercise their "innovation muscle," increasing their capacity for problem solving in general and harvesting inventive solutions in particular.

In San Diego, the Designers for Humanity partnership with Millennial Tech Middle School has resulted in a two-phased service-learning project where the d4h team has collaboratively designed an innovative culturally-centered education program to improve the health and health literacy of their community. The result how to earn money through bitcoin in philippines has been the delivery of location-based media via Google Earth and Augmented Reality* experiences delivered over mobile phones.

* “Augmented Reality” describes the practice of delivering computer-generated information, imagery or sounds, in real time, to accompany an experience the recipient is having in the physical world.